ABC Annual CTO Party With Industrial Review @SF Blockchain Week

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Join us for our annual Industrial Review & Party with Blockchain CTOs on Nov 2nd, 2019!

  • Celebrate SF blockchain week with CTOs and co-founders of the most promising blockchain projects!

  • Get first-hand information of professional Blockchain Industrial Review and insight into the future technology trends!

  • Reconnect with friends & ABC community members at our super fun party!

  • Discover the glitters of the entrepreneurial journey of CTOs & tech heroes behind the scenes!

  • :notes:Live music & :beers:tasty snacks and drinks & :moneybag:raffle!

Partners and Featured Attendees


2:00 - 2:30pm: Registration
2:30 - 3:30pm: Blockchain Annual Industrial Review: Past, Present & Future
3:30 - 6:00pm: Party: Meet other CTOs in Blockchain


OnePiece Work - San Francisco, 414 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94107


Blockchain has become a buzzword for years. But some burning questions are still unanswered: What’s the next killer app? How to solve the scalability problem? Can blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies be regulated? Is Facebook’s Libra more than another new cryptocurrency? Where is the blockchain industry going in the future?

We believe the CTOs and tech heroes behind the scenes will help us find the answers, and should make their voices heard more often. And we would like to make it happen at our annual CTO PARTY!!

Blockchain CTOs will be in the spotlight at our party!

  • Join us for an comprehensive review of the blockchain industry trends in 2019. The review is prepared by ABC research team and presented together with mysterious guest speakers! Everyone is welcomed to join our open discussion on topics below:

    • Economy Trend: New Hotness, Mainstream Exchange, Marketing Speculation, Marketing Ideas
    • Mainstream Applications: CB, DC, EP, IMF, and Custodian Service
    • Infrastructure 2019: Infra, Programmability, Governance, Interoperability
    • Blockchain Native 2020: De-Fi, DEX, Toolchain & Developer Infra
  • Interesting awards will be presented to blockchain CTOs, including:

    • The Next Unicorn Award
    • The Most Creative Industry Vision Award

We also have award just for fun:

  • The Best Elevator Pitch Award

  • The Most Innovative Dressing Award

  • Entertaining GAMES will be designed for connecting new friends and having fun.

  • A RAFFLE sponsored by ABC blockchain community partners will be held at the end of the party.

Don’t miss out:

  • the chance to showcase your project!
  • the opportunity to mingle with other blockchain experts!
  • the party to engage with the ABC community!

List of CTOs/Tech Founders (more coming!)

Ttile Companies
CTO Harmony
CTO Nervos
CTO Celer Network
CEO Quarkchain
CTO ConsenSys
Head of Backend Services MakerDAO
CoFounder Grandline
Director of Huobi Labs Huobi
CTO Perlin
VP Infosys
Head of Product Perlin
CEO An Chain
CEO BloxRoute
CTO, Co-founder Taraxa
COO Techie Ventures
CEO Bgogo
Partner JLab
CEO Visual Graphic-13
Chief Strategy Officer ClickIPO
VP of business development V5 systems
Principal BAML
CEO Chainlink
CEO Armada Chain
Founder Podcrypt LLC
CoFounder DFG Capital
CoFounder 8 Decimal Capital
CEO New Do Capital
COO Jinse Finance
CEO bitcoin royale
Founder Starling Protocol
VP Simex
Founder ShareCrypto
CTO Angel Launch
CEO & Cofounder Turing Chain
CoFounder Atix Labs
Founder/CTO HolospaceX
CEO MOAC Blockchain Tech
Directcor EVE-SV
CEO Bitrue
Founding Partner Collider Ventures
Co-Founder Roostoo
CEO Visual Graphics-13
Principal SFB
COO Startuplandia
CEO Startuplandia
CTO Ventrex Inc
Director KLM
Founder Cybernetic Cities, LLC
VP Xnergy Financial
Co-founder Fluence Labs
Chief Technology Officer Nodle
Partner CTZ Capital

Guests and highlights of our CTO party in 2018!

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