Blockchain opportunities in SF (and beyond!)


Hello ABC and everyone reading!

My name is Spencer Stepnicka, I’m a recruiter focused on blockchain/crypto projects and talent. I would like to introduce myself and share my linkedin profile link, so please feel free to connect with me to stay in touch for when you start looking for a new opportunity in the space.

A little more about me, I first heard about bitcoin when I was working with gold investments back in 2012, and first bought some back in 2013 (but was foolish enough to sell when I saw the price 3x). Kinda forgot about it, and thought it was a fad until 2017 then when I saw huge amounts of money pouring into the infrastructure and groundwork to really expand the crypto ecosystem. That’s about the time I figured this was a real industry with a strong growth potential going forward and worth focusing on.

I was the technical recruiter for the Dash Core Team and helped hire their current CTO, CFO, CPO, as well as a dozen or so other engineers. I’m currently working with other crypto enthusiasts based out of an agency in Sydney, Australia. We have relationships with many reputable companies like Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, Hedera, Tron, as well as a ton of other great companies. I’ve met some very talented people recruiting and at conferences and am always happy to help someone make the leap to the blockchain space.

Here is my profile to connect with : LinkedIn Profile Link

Let me know how I can be of assistance in your hunt for the perfect blockchain role!