Blockchain Sharding Project Overview

This thread is to give an overview for all blockchain sharding projects. (Updated by Feb. 2019)

Dead/Unreliable/No Progress Projects

Emotiq: Review

FAB: Review

IOST: Review1 Review2

Chainspace: Review

Alive Projects

Ethereum: Review

Zilliqa: Review

Quarkchain: Review

Harmony.One: Review(not started)

TOP Network(not open sourced): Review(not started)

NEAR Protocol: Review(not started)


OmniLedger: A Secure, Scale-Out, Decentralized Ledger via Sharding

RapidChain: Scaling Blockchain via Full Sharding

Monoxide: Scale Out Blockchain with Asynchronized Consensus Zones (not reviewed yet)

PolyShard: Coded Sharding Achieves Linearly Scaling Efficiency and Security Simultaneously (not reviewed yet)

Reserved for material update.

The review is still in progress, please feel free to comment on the doc and we will summarize all comments to our second version.

Very cool. It’d be nice to see a DAG project review at some point :slight_smile:

We do have one for layer2 solutions but 3 or 4 DAG projects in progress. We are also looking for volunteers to write reviews for us so please let us know if you are interested in contributing!