Event: 6/7 Crypto Friday Night With Happy Hour!(Closed)

(Updated) Topic Summary & Materials

Presentation: Blockchain Tech Co-Op Session 2

Presentation: Blockchain Data Growth, State Rent and Nervos Approach

Presentation: The infrastructure for Blockchain 3.0

Presentation: Baits in Blockchain: Smart Contract Honeypot

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This event is open to both blockchain beginners and blockchain experts. We will give you a systemic view of working mechanism of Ethereum and Smart Contract first and then go through some advanced topic together.


Topic: Blockchain Tech Co-Op Session 2/4: Ethereum and Smart Contract

Blockchain Technology Co-op program is a brand new program lead by ABC Blockchain community, a non-profit organization. This program hope to create an environment to further general understanding of fundamental blockchain technology, starting with foundational layer technology, eg. data structure and consensus algorithm, and move upward towards real world applications and give pointers to future research.

There will be 4 sessions in total and in this event we will go through the second session.

  1. Data structure of bitcoin and Ethereum
  2. Ethereum & smart contract
  3. VM & dApp Layer technologies.
  4. dApp internals and optimizations , with applications categorizations.

Speaker: Yucong Sun


Yucong is currently the program manager at ABC Blockchain Community for this program, previously he worked at Huobi, and Google, and as technical lead at several startups.


Extra Topic: Beyond Blockchain

Guest Speaker: Emin Gün Sirer

Emin is currently an associate professor of Computer Science at Cornell University. He is also co-director of IC3 and founder of Ava Labs

Emin’s talk will focus on an exciting recent development in blockchain infrastructure, a novel consensus protocol family called Avalanche that combines the best features of the Lamport-Liskov and Nakamoto protocol families that preceded it, to yield a currency with low latency to finality, high throughput, and high degree of decentralization

Extra Topic: Blockchain Data Growth, State Rent & the Nervos Approach

As the blockchain supports more users, the operating cost of a node grows, less nodes are run, and security is reduced. This is the classic ‘tragedy of the commons’: benefits to individuals reduce benefits to all. In this topic, we will discuss the problems caused by an ever-growing blockchain, currently proposed solutions in ETH 1.x and how this challenge addressed in Nervos.

Guest Speaker: Matt Quinn

Matt has run blockchain educational meetups for the last 2+ years. As one of the founders of the Starfish community, he is focused on supporting people and open-source projects with informative blockchain events, outreach and writing.

Guest Speaker: Kevin Wang

Co-founder of Nervos and Token-economics researcher

Co-founder of Launch School, an online developer education platform. Kevin comes from an engineering background and previously worked on enterprise data solutions at IBM Silicon Valley Lab.

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Extra Topic: Baits on the Blockchain: Smart Contract Honeypots

In addition to the black and white hats offensive and defensive struggles, a group of grey hat hackers began to make contract honeypots and used obvious false loopholes to anti-hackers. This lecture is a walk through of innovative honeypot techniques.

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Guest Speaker: Tina Lee

Lee Ting Ting is currently a research scholar at UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab and co-founder and CTO of Turing Chain. Meanwhile, she is a technical writer with around 3k subscribers worldwide on Medium, writer of HackerNoon, and the co-organizer of Taipei Ethereum Meetup since 2017.

LinkedIn, Medium

Guest Speaker: Hu Yao-Chieh (Jeff Hu)

Jeff is currently a research scholar at UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab and CEO of Turing chain. Jeff has published three blockchain papers in ACM, IEEE and CPE journal, awarded with best paper in ACM CryBlock’18

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6:00 - 6:20pm: Networking, food and drinks will be provided
6:20 - 6:40pm: Blockchain Tech Co-Op: Ethereum & Smart Contracts
6:40 - 7:00pm: Guest Topic: Baits on the Blockchain: Smart Contract Honeypots
7:00 - 7:10pm: Intermission
7:10 - 7:30pm: Blockchain Data Growth and State Rent
7:30 - 7:50pm: Nervos Approach of blockchain data growth
7:50 - 8:10pm: Beyond Blockchains
8:10 - 9:30pm: Happy Hour!


One Piece Work
824 San Antonio Rd, Palo Alto

Venue supported by One Piece

OnePiece is a shared co-working space, which connects global business professionals and leading entrepreneurs. We are a trendy spotter – specializing in finding and connecting entrepreneurs who have a hunger for greatness and a desire for global expansion.


Join us online: Zoom Link

Over 80 blockchain technology enthusiasts celebrated “Crypto Friday Night Happy Hour” in Palo Alto. The event was hosted by ABC Blockchain Community. Six experts of blockchain gave keynote speeches on various technical topics. Feedbacks from audience shows that they are impressed by not only the informative talks, but also the innovative and inspiring ideas. This is the highlight of the speeches.

Associate professor Emin Gün Sirer from Cornell University, who is also the co-director of IC3, introduced his idea of Blockchain 3.0, avalanche protocol. The first two generations of consensus protocol, PBFT and PoW, played important roles in current blockchain industry. But the problems of scalability and huge power consumption obstacle the development of blockchain. But avalanche consensus has huge potential to solve the problem

Yucong Sun, PM of ABC Blockchain Community, gave an introduction talk of Ethereum and his insight. The analogy and comparison of Ethereum and traditional software system serves an intuitive and straightforward interpretation of Ethereum.

Jeff and Tina from UC Berkeley Blockchain X-Lab shared about their research on “Smart Contract Security.” They also dived into 7 main traps in smart contract codes. Many programmers in the audience were attracted and interacted with the speaker.

Kevin Wang, CEO of Nervos Network, explained how Nervos resolved the scalability problem without sacrificing security and decentralization. They find a solution to break through the famous blockchain trilemma.

Matt Quinn analyzed one critical headache of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which is growing requirement of storage. The cost to support full node has scared away many participants of Ethereum. Matt disserted the theorem and design of “State Rent”, which is the well-accepted solution of explosive storage requirement.

During happy hour, most attendees joined the hot discussion directly with speakers. They stated to organizers their achievements during the event and their desire of another ABC happy hour.