Event: Block* Summit #1 - A Debate on Libra (Closed)


Note: The event will be hosted in Mandarin.

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This Friday, ABC Blockchain Community will partner with Product Hub to initiate a brand new program named Block* Summit.

We will invite blockchain pioneers to have in-depth discussions and intense debates on the most controversial topics about blockchain, with experts from non-blockchain fields, including academia, finance, investment, traditional technology industry and others.

For the very first summit, three honored guests will join us and have a debate on Libra. Main topics include:

  1. Blockchain and Uses’ Behaviors with E-wallet and Payment
  2. Blockchain and Features of E-wallets and Payment Application
  3. Connect Merchants and Customers with Blockchain

Let’s set the stage on fire!

Since it’s a brand new program, it will be closed-door with a limited number of audiences. We will select less than 10 applicants for joining the Summit #1, and we will share the presentations as well as the notes of the debates after the summit with all applicants.

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Blockchain Experts

Maximilian Wang, CEO of Bgogo Exchange

Max is the CEO of Bgogo Exchange, former software engineer at Facebook, and founder of Facebook’s crypto syndicate. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from UCSD with a focus on machine learning and neural networks. He is also a senior blockchain researcher, influencer and advisor. He helped and advised several popular blockchain projects in Silicon Valley such as QuarkChain.

Yijie Hong, Vice President of ABC Blockchain Community

Yijie is the Vice President and Core Technician of ABC Blockchain Community. He is also an experienced software engineer at Google.

Non-blockchain Speaker

Haimo Liu, Senior Product Manager at Alibaba Cloud

Haimo is a senior product manager with enthusiasm and experience in defining product strategy and ensuring its alignment with the desired business outcome. His current focal point is around driving the globalization strategy of Alibaba Cloud (including but not limited to product strategy, GTM, business development, etc.) for big data analytics products and solutions.