Event: Blockchain Tech Co-Op #1(Closed)

Event Concluded

Thanks for coming to this event, it was great meeting everyone, make sure to download PPT below in reply 1 and post back homework result in the thread!


Tuesday, May 14, 2019
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM PDT

HYSTA SVC Inc. (Formerly SVC Venture Club)
3300 Central Expy · Santa Clara, CA

Venue supported by HYSTA

Established in 1999, HYSTA was created with the intent to help investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, young talents, and academics to better connect and leverage the resources of their community. Today, HYSTA has become the leading non-profit US-China professional organization based in Silicon Valley, with an influential network of 20,000+ members.


Join us online: Zoom Link
Passcode: abc_talk


This talk is targeted to people who are new to blockchain technologies, or interest in an systemic view of blockchain field, there will be plenty of offline reading materials and some homework!


Blockchain Technology Co-op program is a brand new program lead by ABC Blockchain community, a non-profit organization.

This program hope to create an environment to further general understanding of fundamental blockchain technology, starting with foundational layer technology, eg. data structure and consensus algorithm, and move upward towards real world applications and give pointers to future research. In each program, there will be 20-30 mins of technical lecture, given by Yucong Sun, with additional on-topic showcasing guest speakers from other blockchain companies. This program wish to inspire and share knowledge, participant are encouraged to engage in future discussions on our forum https://talk.abcer.world and with guest speakers. Some program also includes after-lecture workshop material and bonus!

Specifically, in the planned 4 program , the topics will be as following:

  1. Data structure of Bitcoin & Ethereum

Summary: In this program we will cover the most fundamental technologies used in Bitcoin and Ethereum, two most important blockchain exists today. Specifically , we will talk about UTXO/Account model, and how and why they enabled so-called distributed ledger. In additional , we will have guest speaker from Nervos , talking about their evolution of the UTXO model — Cell Model.

Speaker: Yucong Sun (https://linkedin.com/in/yucongsun)

Yucong is currently the program manager at ABC Blockchain Community for this program, previously he worked at Huobi, and Google, and as technical lead at several startups.

Guest speaker: Haichao Zhu (https://www.linkedin.com/in/haichao-zhu-4b703aba)

Haichao is a researcher at Nervos, a project aiming for building an infrastructure for the future Crypto-Economics. The vision of Nervos is to enable assets be represented by tokens on-chain and trade them in an open financial system. Haichao has experience in both blockchain protocol and product design. Before Nervos, he is a researcher at Microsoft Research and Tokyo University.

Future Topics includes:
2. Consensus layer technologies.
3. VM & dApp Layer technologies.
4. dApp internals and optimizations , with applications categorizations.


Session #1 PPT (2019-05-14) with reading materials!
Session1.pdf (852.2 KB)

Nervos PPT
Nervos - Cell Model.pdf (931.0 KB)


Video & Transcript


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Thanks for the wonderful talk! I really like the comparison between Git and Blockchain. The data structure of these two are quite similar but the way they solve conflicts is very different. I think a graph of comparison between these two would be extremely helpful!

In ethereum, there is something called uncle blocks. Which is sorta like an merging mode. Look it up!