Presentation: Baits in Blockchain: Smart Contract Honeypot


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Problem Statement

In addition to the black and white hats offensive and defensive struggles, a group of grey hat hackers began to make contract honeypots and used obvious false loopholes to anti-hackers. This lecture is a walk through of innovative honeypot techniques.




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Baits in Blockchain: Smart Contract Honeypot



Tina Lee

Lee Ting Ting is currently a research scholar at UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab and co-founder and CTO of Turing Chain. Meanwhile, she is a technical writer with around 3k subscribers worldwide on Medium, writer of HackerNoon, and the co-organizer of Taipei Ethereum Meetup since 2017.

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Hu Yao-Chieh (Jeff Hu)

Jeff is currently a research scholar at UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab and CEO of Turing chain. Jeff has published three blockchain papers in ACM, IEEE and CPE journal, awarded with best paper in ACM CryBlock’18

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